Our 7th anniversary is fast approaching in Jesus' Name!

Many events, multiple situations we can not resolve and continue to relay in Jesus for ALL we do and must do in the future!

In Your Hands Lord!

Today is July 16th, and we are expecting our baby no. 35 in the congregation according to our register of 7 years of ministry work here in Turin…

21 matrimonies ( 7 blessings and 14 wedding celebrations ), 2 funerals,

and 140+ baptisms according to Acts 2:38, and the work is just beggining

in three congregations…
Torino Main, Torino Sud and Milano SW… three preaching points for one pastor-overseer, 2 licensed ministers and 4 deacons… and a Bible College with 21 students going on their third year…
God has been good to Turin, beautiful Italy!

…the work has just begun,

…passion lives here! God bless you, pray for me, my family, us, the church in Jesus' Name!

Drop us a note saying hello in Jesus' Name!
Greetings, peace and grace unto you!

Guzmán Ávila, Pedro Antonio
chiesa di Torino
00 (Italy +39) 327 1613 106