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...pray for the vision, we are working the mission!   If you would like to support our Webcast and Internet Ministry...If you would like to support our mission in Turin and the province, region: Piemonte. Milan and the province, region: Lombardia...   Thank You in...

One special date… Part II

One special date… Part II

Today we celebrated Jesus in many ways... We honored my wife on her 49th! Celebrating Life! My daughter Andreina wrote a special letter for mom... and it was one special letter. I have it in Italian.    Then it was time to give the Diploma for the period Oct-Nov-Dec,...

One special date… Part 1

One special date… Part 1

  Tomorrow, 17.897 days ago, that is 49 years ago, in this beautiful city, our home city today Turin, Italy; Marìa Antonietta my beautiful wife of 26 years was born... January 18th 1966 was a cold morning here in Turin, the local temperature went from -7 deg. Celsius...



  Milan. What a beautiful city... Romantic and classic for Jesus! 5th in Europe, and 2nd in Italy. We have been working with several families, all baptized in Jesus' Name since September-October 2012. We serve about 60 souls there. It is a huge metropolitan area....

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Vessels of Honor

From Dominican Republic – the other beautiful vessels…

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*Atti 14:27* Giunti là, radunarono la chiesa e riferirono quante grandi cose Dio aveva compiuto per mezzo loro e come egli aveva aperto ai gentili..

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Dio benedica Italia!

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Luca 22:31 La Nuova Diodati (LND) Il Signore disse ancora: «Simone, Simone, ecco, Satana ha chiesto… [ a domandato per la tua presenza ] (..

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il diavolo non riposa ne prende vacanza… 16 Poiché essi non possono dormire se non hanno fatto del male; il loro sonno svanisce, se non hanno..

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