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The Nautical Hour

Aug 3, 2011

by Rev Tony Bailey
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Author: Tony Bailey

my notes and introduction from 2004
… One statement I hear repeated over and over by members of our congregation is this; "Early morning prayer is the most impacting thing I have ever been involved in." When a person finally takes that step and commits to consistent praying, it is sure to have a profound impact on that individual’s life. To go one step further and rise early before the break of day as our Lord did is taking it to another dimension. Many examples in scripture point to a divine season for maximum impact with praying early before the break of day. Ps 49:14 states: …the upright shall have dominion over them in the morning! Introduction… Before the days of satellite guiding systems, navigation on the open sea took a great deal of skill and understanding.  In order to point the ship in the desired heading the Navigator had to know more than where he desired to go, he had to know the ship's present location.  Since no landmarks are visible on the open sea, stable points of reference had to be discovered before the Navigator could accurately triangulate the ship's position.  The night sky offered these reference points in the form of stars and celestial patterns.  The Navigator would study the stars with a few simple calculations determine the approximate longitude and latitude of the ship.  But the night sky offered no visible horizon to head the ship toward.  For the proper horizon to be found, the Navigator needed the light of day, which, with it's coming would wash away the visibility of the stars.The Nautical Hour was soon discovered as the most crucial hour of the Navigator's day.  The only time of day when the stars of night and the horizon of the coming day were both visible to the Navigator was the period of time when night was changing into day before the sunrise.  Once the sun was up, the Navigator loss the ability to calculate the location of the ship, but during the Nautical Hour, the Navigator could determine not only the location of the ship but also the proper heading.Through the hectic schedules of our busy days we often can only point our ship in the direction of what appears to be the right horizon and hope for the best.  At night we are able to reflect on the day's events and decisions and to evaluate our present position.  But, during that early hour before the rising of the sun we can determine both our position and direction if we are willing to spend time with our Lord Jesuschrist! MyNotes:Key words: morning, early morning, before the break of dayThe day has 12 daylight hours, 1st hour, second, third hour of the day… starting at 6am.( For example: the ninth hour is 3 pm )When the bible refers to morning, early in the morning… is that time of day between 12am and 6am!
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