Milan. What a beautiful city… Romantic and classic for Jesus!
5th in Europe, and 2nd in Italy. We have been working with several families, all baptized in Jesus' Name since September-October 2012.
We serve about 60 souls there. It is a huge metropolitan area. Distances are large. We depend maily on public transportation. Since 2014 we have assigned a beautiful couple to serve these souls… Alessandro e Ilaria, and in this month of January, they are expecting their first baby. In our prayers, for them to be able to move permanently there… they need a house, and they need a job to start… God has been good to the souls of Milan, Milano in Italian and Spanish. Most families are from El Salvador and that is amazing to us… Alessandro was born and raised in Turin, 100% full Piemontese and speaks, preaches & teaches in almost perfect Spanish. Last year they visited pastor Pablo Chan in the island of Puerto Rico for 10 full days of precious ministry in Jesus' Name! We look forward to what God is about to unfold in 2015! A great revival! On any visit, it is completely normal to take several buses, ride several trains-trams-metro, more buses and walk, lots of walking… donate for the mission, pray for the vision! Greetings in Jesus' Name!
tel.(+39) 327.1613.106 (wind)